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Google nixes G+ requirement for Gmail accounts
Mon, 22 September 2014 11:15 - A forced marriage between Google’s mail and social networks finally dissolved.
Am I being taken advantage of during the job application test?
Sun, 21 September 2014 12:40 - A developer test shouldn't be a way for employers to use cheap labor.
Microsoft’s second round of layoffs: 2,100 jobs cut, Silicon Valley lab closed
Thu, 18 September 2014 15:18 - Cuts have global reach, including 747 in Seattle area.
Larry Ellison steps down as Oracle CEO
Thu, 18 September 2014 14:22 - World's fifth-wealthiest person will now be Oracle's "Executive Chairman" and CTO.
In-depth: How CloudFlare promises SSL security—without the key
Thu, 18 September 2014 10:52 - CEO shares technical details about changing the way encrypted sessions operate.
Microsoft’s rejigged developer program increases appeal to the wrong developers
Wed, 17 September 2014 19:40 - Getting rid of annual fees is great for hobbyists, but so what?
Sorry, AT&T and Verizon: 4Mbps isn’t fast enough for “broadband”
Wed, 17 September 2014 15:55 - FCC chairman says Americans shouldn’t subsidize Internet service under 10Mbps.

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US strikes Islamic State in Syria
Mon, 22 September 2014 23:59 - The US and allies thought to include Arab nations launch a campaign of air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria, the Pentagon says.
Miliband: Give me decade to fix UK
Mon, 22 September 2014 16:42 - Labour leader Ed Miliband will set out a 10-year plan to make Britain a "world class country" in his final conference speech before the general election.
Salmond to make voting age call
Mon, 22 September 2014 17:38 - Alex Salmond is to address Holyrood for the first time since Scotland rejected independence and is expected to call for the voting age to be lowered.
Cameron to hold IS talks with Iran
Mon, 22 September 2014 22:19 - David Cameron is to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to persuade his country to join international action against Islamic State.
Algeria militants seize French man
Mon, 22 September 2014 17:28 - Militants linked to Islamic State have seized a French man in Algeria and demanded an end to French air strikes in Iraq, France confirms.
Rail delay passengers 'dissatisfied'
Mon, 22 September 2014 16:56 - Two-thirds of rail passengers are unhappy with the way their train company deals with delays or cancellations, a survey suggests.
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The Startup CEO's Daily Bag
Mon, 22 September 2014 18:00 -

The Startup CEO's Daily Bag

Being a CEO at a startup can mean just about anything these days, but you usually need to be prepared for a lot of different things while still being mobile. Everyday Carry reader Colin Ryan shares his bag.


Get Perfect French Toast by Drying Your Bread in the Oven First
Mon, 22 September 2014 17:00 -

Get Perfect French Toast by Drying Your Bread in the Oven First

French toast is a classic breakfast staple, but it's hard to find the perfect balance of moisture. Drying out your bread slices beforehand can keep the interior from getting too soggy.


Build a Face-Recognizing Safe with a Raspberry Pi
Mon, 22 September 2014 16:00 -

Build a Face-Recognizing Safe with a Raspberry Pi

Having a safe is a great way to store your valuables, and now you can lock them away in a DIY, face-recognizing setup with a some free software, a Raspberry Pi, and a Pi camera.


Evernote for Mac Rebuilds the Notes Editor, Improves Tables, and More
Mon, 22 September 2014 15:30 -

Evernote for Mac Rebuilds the Notes Editor, Improves Tables, and More

Mac: Evernote released an update to its Mac app today that adds a few new features and clears up some bugs. The new features include a new notes editor, image resizing, improved tables, and more.


Gawker What Reparations in America Could Look Like | Gizmodo 8 Videos of New iPhones Getting Dropped
Mon, 22 September 2014 15:04 -

Gawker What Reparations in America Could Look Like | Gizmodo 8 Videos of New iPhones Getting Dropped, Soaked, and Torture Tested | Jezebel Miss America Was Kicked Out of Her Sorority for Abusive Hazing | Kotaku Destiny: The Kotaku Review | Kinja Popular Posts


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Apple may change Beats brand as it spins up music service
Mon, 22 September 2014 17:29 - There are conflicting reports about what Apple will ultimately do with Beats Music, with Recode reporting a potential name change, and TechCrunch calling for the service to be scrapped completely. Apple says TechCrunch's report is inaccurate.

Tomorrow Daily 055: A $1 microscope for cell phones, a new Oculus VR prototype, and more
Mon, 22 September 2014 16:05 - On today's show, we wonder what we'd use a cell phone microscope for, discuss the ongoing (and highly entertaining) Twitter war between Zack Snyder and J.J. Abrams, and freak out over how cool the newest Oculus VR prototype looks.

Killed-off 'Game of Thrones' star returning?
Mon, 22 September 2014 15:59 - A pivotal character could be making a surprising return when the HBO series returns next year. Potential spoilers ahead.

Bejeweled 'Alibaba' iPhone 6 a steal at just $2 million
Mon, 22 September 2014 15:42 - We've seen a $48 million iPhone 6, but what if you're a little more thrifty when it comes to multimillion dollar luxury gadgets sure to become obsolete in two years? We've found just the thing for you.

Next-gen USB gives HDMI rival a piggyback ride
Mon, 22 September 2014 15:10 - DisplayPort technology lost out to HDMI in the marketplace, but it could get some help from next-gen USB connectors coming in 2015. Don't kiss those copper cables goodbye just yet.


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AP Top Technology News At 1:41 a.m. EDT

Messaging app seeks to bring voices back to phones
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Longtime technology guru Ray Ozzie wants to bring back the emotions of the human voice to phones....
Government hackers try to crack HealthCare.gov
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government's own watchdogs tried to hack into HealthCare.gov earlier this year and found what they termed a critical vulnerability - but also came away with respect for some of the health insurance site's security features....
Investors fret Yahoo's future, stock dips
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Yahoo may be losing some appeal on Wall Street now that U.S. investors can buy directly into Alibaba....
A Closer Look: Ways to hide, secure data on phones
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - NEW YORK (AP) -- Apple got a lot of attention last week when it released a new privacy policy along with a declaration that police can't get to your password-protected data....
Giuliani to help fight Noriega's video game suit
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is joining a video game company's legal fight against disgraced Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, who is suing Activision over his inclusion in one of its popular "Call of Duty" games....

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AP Top Headlines At 2:11 a.m. EDT

Pentagon: US, partners begin airstrikes in Syria
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. and five Arab countries launched airstrikes Monday night on Islamic State group targets in Syria, expanding a military campaign into a country whose three-year civil war has given the brutal militant group a safe haven....
Syria says Washington informed it before strikes
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) -- The Syrian foreign ministry said on Tuesday that the United States informed Damascus' envoy to the United Nations before launching airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria....
Accused White House intruder armed in July arrest
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - WASHINGTON (AP) -- Two months before Omar J. Gonzalez allegedly hopped a White House fence, dashed across the North Lawn and entered the executive mansion, he was arrested in rural Virginia, heavily armed and carrying a map of Washington tucked inside a Bible - with a circle drawn around the White House....
2 suspects in abduction of Israeli teens killed
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli forces stormed a West Bank hideout early on Tuesday and killed two Palestinians suspected in the fatal abduction of three Israeli teens in June, one of the incidents that ultimately sparked the Gaza war this summer, an Israeli military spokesman said....
Tensions high as ambush suspect evades capture
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - CANADENSIS, Pa. (AP) -- A 10-day manhunt for the survivalist accused of ambushing a Pennsylvania State Police barracks has narrowed to the rural area where he grew up and his parents still live, but the suspect has managed to elude capture despite the efforts of hundreds of law enforcement officials....

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US Airstrikes Under Way in Syria Against ISIS
Mon, 22 September 2014 21:41 - American airstrikes against ISIS targets are under way in Syria, according to a Pentagon official.
Obama Alerts Leading Supporters on Capitol Hill of ISIS Airstrikes in Syria
Mon, 22 September 2014 22:06 - President Obama is getting regular updates on the operation against ISIS targets inside Syria earlier tonight, according to a senior White House official.
After ISIS's Call, Frenchman Kidnapped, Beheading Threatened
Mon, 22 September 2014 18:16 - Islamist militants in Algeria have purportedly responded to call from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to target Westerners by kidnapping a French mountain guide and threatening to behead him unless France halts its actions against ISIS.
Police 'Close' to Accused Cop Shooter Eric Frein
Mon, 22 September 2014 10:05 - Police have narrowed in on the suspect in the shooting of two Pennsylvania state troopers thanks to some "very credible" tips, they said at a press conference today.
Missing Afghan Soldiers Found Near Canadian Border
Mon, 22 September 2014 13:50 - The three Afghan soldiers who went missing from a Cape Cod military base over the weekend have been found at the Canadian border, a United States defense official told ABC News.
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