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Strong cloud, weak PCs, and accounting rules give Microsoft a flat 3Q 2014
Thu, 24 April 2014 17:35 - Also: Office 365 Home Premium now has 4.4 million subscribers.
Covert Bitcoin miner found stashed in malicious Google Play apps
Thu, 24 April 2014 16:41 - Titles raise questions about Google's ability to police its own market.
The inevitable arrival of subscription-based Windows
Thu, 24 April 2014 16:09 - Microsoft needs Windows to be all things to all people. Subscriptions could be the way.
Vic Gundotra, the head of Google+, leaves Google
Thu, 24 April 2014 12:00 - Google CEO Larry Page says the company is still committed to Google+.
Before Silicon Valley got nasty, the Pirates of Analog Alley fought it out
Thu, 24 April 2014 10:00 - Stealing ideas and fighting over patents existed back when computers had gears, too.
Tech giants, chastened by Heartbleed, finally agree to fund OpenSSL
Thu, 24 April 2014 06:00 - IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and others pledge millions to open source.
FCC proposes sharing 150MHz of federal spectrum with wireless broadband
Wed, 23 April 2014 14:44 - A precious resource that belongs to the federal government might get new guests.

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Lifestyle quiz to secure a mortgage
Thu, 24 April 2014 17:07 - Mortgage applicants will face tougher questions about their lifestyle from lenders, under new rules about to come into force.
Russia 'destabilising' Ukraine - US
Thu, 24 April 2014 17:49 - The US accuses Russia of "deception and destabilisation" in eastern Ukraine, warning of further sanctions unless Moscow defuses the crisis.
Netanyahu: Abbas must end Hamas pact
Thu, 24 April 2014 13:58 - Israeli PM Netanyahu tells the BBC Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas must abandon his pact with Hamas if he wants peace talks to resume.
Probe over Hillsborough insult posts
Thu, 24 April 2014 16:06 - The government says it is making "urgent inquiries" into reports Whitehall computers were used to make insulting comments about the Hillsborough disaster.
FBI probe teacher abused boys in UK
Thu, 24 April 2014 13:25 - A convicted paedophile abused children at a private school in London where he taught, its chair of governors confirms.
Mother charged with three murders
Thu, 24 April 2014 12:12 - A mother is charged with murdering three of her children who were found dead at their home in south-west London.
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The Green Bubble Desktop
Thu, 24 April 2014 18:00 -

The Green Bubble Desktop

Matt Pollard's desktop has a color scheme after our own heart—green and black, and packed with tools as well as room to work. Here's how he set it all up, and how you can too.


Instantly Find Space Hogs on Your Mac with a Spotlight Filter
Thu, 24 April 2014 17:00 -

Instantly Find Space Hogs on Your Mac with a Spotlight Filter

We've covered programs dedicated to analyzing what files are taking up the most space on your Mac, but if you want a quick and instant way to find those large files, Apple's Spotlight is the answer.


Gawker Here's What Seth Rogen Looks Like Nude | Jalopnik Humongous Column Of 'Ukrainian Militia' Hea
Thu, 24 April 2014 16:38 -

Gawker Here's What Seth Rogen Looks Like Nude | Jalopnik Humongous Column Of 'Ukrainian Militia' Heads To Ukrainian Border | Jezebel Red Alert: Dudes Are Now Hiring PUAs to Run Their Dating Profiles | Kotaku Ask Dr. Nerdlove: Am I Going To Be Forever Alone? | Kinja Popular Posts


Don't Worry About Screen Cleaning Solutions: Water Is All You Need
Thu, 24 April 2014 16:00 -

Don't Worry About Screen Cleaning Solutions: Water Is All You Need

Cleaning kits for your laptop, TV and other electronics are nice, but the Wall Street Journal tested and found that water and a microfiber cloth are just as effective at cleaning your screen.


Refund an Unauthorized In-App Purchase from the iTunes Store
Thu, 24 April 2014 15:30 -

Refund an Unauthorized In-App Purchase from the iTunes Store

If one of your kids accidentally made an in-app purchase without your consent, you can get a refund from Apple pretty easily—but time is limited. Here's what you need to do.


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Amazon said to be testing its own shipping network
Thu, 24 April 2014 17:29 - Going up against the likes of UPS and FedEx, the Internet retailer is reportedly looking to boost its delivery game.

Nadella summons Nietzsche in pledging pivot to the future
Thu, 24 April 2014 17:20 - Microsoft's new CEO borrows a line from the famous 19th century German philosopher, saying the company would maintain "courage in the face of reality." And sell a lot of software while it's at it.

Amazon: Prime fee hike not stopping membership growth
Thu, 24 April 2014 17:15 - The company says it's "encouraged" by week-over-week subscriber growth over the last several weeks.

Galaxy S5 gets swathed in Swarovski crystals
Thu, 24 April 2014 16:43 - Worried a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S5 won't turn enough heads? Maybe you should wait for the sparkly crystal edition.

California shoots down 'kill switch' legislation for smartphones
Thu, 24 April 2014 16:24 - Legislators rejected a bill requiring device makers like Apple to include antitheft software on smartphones sold in the state. Their reason: It would be bad for business.


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AP Top Technology News At 7:18 p.m. EDT

US proposes pay-for-priority Internet standards
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The nation's top telecoms regulator is proposing to allow a pay-for-priority fast lane on the Internet for movies, music and other services to get to people's homes....
Google, Apple settle high-tech workers' lawsuit
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe Systems have settled a class-action lawsuit alleging they conspired to prevent their engineers and other highly sought technology workers from getting better job offers from one another....
Cloud strength helps Microsoft earnings top Street
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Results from Microsoft's first quarterly earnings release under new CEO Satya Nadella offered fresh justification for his focus on cloud computing....
Netflix joining line-up of 3 US cable-TV services
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Netflix's Internet video service is about to join the programming line-up of three small cable-TV providers in the U.S....
Google's top social networking executive departs
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Google's top social networking executive is leaving the Internet company after a nearly eight-year stint highlighted by an audacious challenge to Facebook....

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AP Top Headlines At 8:05 p.m. EDT

Gunman kills 3 Americans at Kabul hospital
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- Three Americans - a pediatrician and a father and son - were killed by an Afghan government security officer at a hospital Thursday, the latest in a series of attacks on foreign civilians that has rattled aid workers, contractors and journalists....
Ukraine moves against insurgents in the east
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - SLOVYANSK, Ukraine (AP) -- Russia announced new military exercises Thursday involving ground and air forces near its border with Ukraine, swiftly responding to a Ukrainian operation to drive pro-Russia insurgents out of occupied buildings in the country's tumultuous east....
Tiny Pacific nation sues 9 nuclear-armed powers
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - NEW YORK (AP) -- The tiny Pacific nation of the Marshall Islands is taking on the United States and the world's eight other nuclear-armed nations with an unprecedented lawsuit demanding that they meet their obligations toward disarmament and accusing them of "flagrant violations" of international law....
Israel halts peace talks with Palestinians
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel broke off Mideast peace talks and brought the U.S.-brokered process to the brink of collapse Thursday, protesting a reconciliation agreement between the Western-backed Palestinian Authority and the militant group Hamas, the Jewish state's sworn enemy....
Major oil and gas firm to list fracking chemicals
Wed, 31 December 1969 17:00 - PITTSBURGH (AP) -- A major supplier to the oil and gas industry says it will begin disclosing 100 percent of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing fluid, with no exemptions for trade secrets. The move by Baker Hughes of Houston is a shift for a major firm; it's unclear if others will follow suit....

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Kerry Threatens Russia But No New Sanctions
Thu, 24 April 2014 17:10 - Secretary of State John Kerry accused Russia of dragging its feet on de-escalating the situation in eastern Ukraine, one week after the two countries reached an agreement in Geneva, Switzerland to reduce tensions.
Rancher Loses Supporters Over Slavery Remarks
Thu, 24 April 2014 18:20 - Nevada rancher at center of cattle grazing feud defends remarks, comments about slavery
GMO Foods: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Thu, 24 April 2014 15:00 - Is altering a crop in a lab the same as altering it on the farm? Yes and no.
11 Kids, Driver Hurt in Calif. School Bus Crash
Thu, 24 April 2014 18:21 - 11 elementary school kids, driver hurt in Southern California school bus crash
Pellet Gun Firing Causes Navy Base Lockdown
Thu, 24 April 2014 18:29 - 2 detained on San Diego Navy base after firing of 'airsoft' gun that shoots plastic pellets
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